If you're happy where you are and want to improve ...

Crave more order in your life but can't seem to get going? Whether you want to sell, are downsizing or are happy where you are, I'll help you discover your inner Marie Kondo with sensitive and non-judgemental support. 

I will happily style your belongings as we declutter (for no extra charge), help you select new items, and you might like to consider starting the packing process if you're moving.


Only 10% of buyers can see past years of accumulated possessions and clutter and visualise a home's potential.


Having a good clearout makes your rooms more appealing, and far more relaxing to live in.

One session transformed this spare bedroom into a usable space. The only new items sourced were the curtains, cushions and bedding

  • Simplifying & styling sessions: from £150

  • Sourcing new items: from £50

"Jane really cast fresh eyes on the place, coming up with loads of great solutions I'd never have thought of and encouraging me to think about items I no longer used or liked."